Past Kant Lectures

The Kant Lecture series is an annual tradition of the Stanford Philosophy Department. It takes place over the course of three days and includes two lectures and a discussion seminar, which are presented by a distinguished philosopher. Past lecturers have included John Rawls, Noam Chomsky, John Searle, Margaret Wilson, Wilfred Sellars, Michael Friedman and Peter Railton.

Kant Lecture Series 1975 - 2008

1) 1975-76: Nelson Goodman, "A Critique of Worldmaking"

2) 1976-77: H. P. Grice, "Some Aspects of Reason"

3) 1977-78: John Rawls, "Justice & The Conception of the Self: The Kantian Interpretation"

4) 1978-79: Noam Chomsky, "Rules & Representations"

5) 1979-80: W. V. Quine, "Science and Sensibilia"

6) 1980-81: G. E. M. Anscombe, "Human Speciality"

7) 1981-82: Margaret Wilson, "Phenomenalism and Scientific Realism in Early Modern Philosophy: Berkeley (partly) vindicated"

8) 1982-83: Roderick Chisholm, "The Primacy of the Intentional"

9) 1983-84: Wilfrid Sellars, "Some Metaphysical Issues About Time"

10) 1984-85: Jaakko Hintikka, "Verum Organum: An Interrogative Model of Inquiry"

11) 1985-86: Donald Davidson, "Truth and Worth"

(1986-87: Kant Lectures Postponed)

12) 1987-88: Hilary Putnam, "Realism With a Human Face"

13) 1988-89: David Lewis, "Parts of Classes"

(1989-90: Kant Lectures Postponed)

14) 1990-1991: Dieter Hennrich, "Two Hundred Years: Critique of Judgment"

15) 1991-92: John Searle, "Is There a Problem About Realism?" and "The Social Construction of Reality and the Reality of Social Constructions"

16) 1992-93: Jerry Fodor, "If Psychological Laws Are Intentional, How Can Psychological Processes Be Computational?"

17) 1993-94: Judith Jarvis Thomson, "Evaluatives and Directives"

18) 1994-95: Bas van Fraassen, "What Is Empiricism, and What Could It Be?" and "The Manifest Image"

19) 1995-96: Thomas Nagel, "The Last Word: Two Lectures on Reason"

20) 1996-97: Harry Frankfurt, "Some Thoughts About Caring"

21) 1997-98: Ian Hacking, "Making Up People"

22) 1998-99: Michael Friedman, "Dynamics of Kantian Themes in the Philosophy of Science"

23) 1999-2000: Peter Railton, "Rational Beliefs, Rational Desires"

(2000-01: Kant Lectures Postponed)

24) 2001-02: Philip Kitcher, "The Evolution of Normative Guidance" and "The Structure of Moral Revolutions"

25) 2002-03: John Cooper, "Plato and Aristotle on Finality and (Self) Sufficiency" and "Stoic Autonomy"

26) 2003-04: Christopher Peacocke, "Another I: Representing Conscious States"

(2004-05: Kant Lectures Postponed)

27) 2005-06: Dag Prawitz, "Proofs, Meaning, and Reality"

28) 2006-07: Tyler Burge, "Origins of Objectivity"

29) 2007-08: Kit Fine, "Vagueness and Transcendence"