Blake Francis

Blake Francis's Overview

  • Name:Blake Francis
    Primary Department:Philosophy
    Department Member:Yes
    Philosophy Ph.D. / M.A., Program:Ph.D., AOS: Political Philosophy; Ethics; Environmental Ethics
    Class Year:Fourth Year
    Degree Year:2015
    Research InterestsAOS: Political Philosophy; Ethics; Environmental Ethics
    Short Bio

    Blake Francis is a Phd Candidate in the Department of Philosophy at Stanford University. His research interests include social and political philosophy and environmental ethics. He is currently working on a dissertation on climate change ethics, which examines how to make trade-offs between the harms of climate change and the social benefits provided by fossil-fuel use. He received an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Montana, where he also conducted research in the Department of Forestry and Conservation. Prior to pursuing graduate work, Blake had a career in wilderness management and trail construction with the US Forest Service in Arizona and Alaska.


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