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    Name:Helen Longino
    Title:Clarence Irving Lewis Professor of Philosophy
    Additional Appointments:Department Chair, September 2008-August 2012
    Stanford Philosophy Department Member:Yes
    Areas of Specialization:Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Biology; Social Epistemology; Feminist Philosophy
    Primary Phone:1 650 724 9596
    Office Number (physical):90-92J

    President, Philosophy of Science Association, January 2013-December 2014.

    Studying Human Behavior: How Scientists Investigate Aggression and Sexuality published by University of Chicago Press, 2013.

    On sabbatical, September 1 2012-August 31 2013

    Research Interests

    I am currently engaged in three (possibly interlinked) projects:

    1) revisiting the underdetermination problem in the context of a probabilistic epistemology/metaphysics

    2) analyzing the differences between weak and strong social epistemology

    3) understanding ecological explanation

    Short Bio

    Helen Longino received her PhD from the Johns Hopkins University in 1973.  Her teaching and research interests are in philosophy of science, social epistemology, and feminist philosophy. Longino is the author of Science As Social Knowledge (Princeton University Press, 1990), The Fate of Knowledge (Princeton University Press, 2001) and Studying Human Behavior, a study of the relationship between logical, epistemological, and social aspects of behavioral research (University of Chicago Press, 2013).  For more publications and career information see the CV.


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