Johan van Benthem

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  • Name:Johan van Benthem
    Title:Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor
    Additional Appointments:University Professor of Logic, University of Amsterdam
    Stanford Philosophy Department Member:Yes
    Areas of Specialization:Pure and applied logic
    Primary Phone:650-725-0108
    Office Number (physical):100-101B
    Research InterestsGeneral logic, in particular, logical model theory and modal logic (correspondence theory, temporal logic, dynamic, epistemic logic). Applications of logic to philosophy (epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of language), linguistics, computer science and cognitive science (generalized quantifiers, categorial grammar, process logics, information update, logic and games).
    Short BioJohan van Benthem ( is a University Professor of pure and applied logic at the University of Amsterdam, Henry Waldgrave Stuart professor of philosophy at Stanford University, and Weilun Visiting Professor of humanities at Tsinghua University Beijing. He has worked in modal logic, temporal logic, logical semantics and syntax of natural language, as well as dynamic logics of computation and communication. He was the founding director of the 'Institute for Logic, Language and Computation' (ILLC), a joint venture of the departments of mathematics, computer science, philosophy and linguistics, whose main field is the structure and dynamics of information – and also the first Chairman and First Honorary Member of the European Association for Language, Logic and Information (FoLLI). His published monographs include "The Logic of Time" (1983), "Modal Logic and Classical Logic" (1985), "Essays in Logical Semantics" (1986), "Language in Action" (1991), and "Exploring Logical Dynamics" (1996). His current main interest is the theme of intelligent interaction, at the interface of logic, computer science, and game theory, with new books “Modal Logic for Open Minds”, “Logical Dynamics of Information Flow” and “Logic in Games” to appear. Published some 400 papers. Editor of Handbooks of "Logic and Language" (1997), "Modal Logic" (2006), "Spatial Logics" (2007), and "Philosophy of Information" (2008). He is a member of the Academia Europaea (since 1991), and the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (since 1992). In 1996 he received the NWO Spinoza Premium for his total research. Doctor honoris causa, Université de Liège, 1998. International ‘Who is Who’ since 1995, member Institut International de Philosophie (2001), and Hollandse Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (2002).
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