Krista Lawlor

Krista Lawlor's Overview

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    Name:Krista Lawlor
    Title:Associate Professor
    Additional Appointments:affiliated faculty in Symbolic Systems
    Stanford Philosophy Department Member:Yes
    Areas of Specialization:Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology
    Primary Phone:650-723-3486
    Office Number (physical):building 90 room 92M
    Office Hours:Wednesday 1:30-3pm and by appointment


    Research Interests

    In philosophy of mind, I work on issues about coreference and confusion. In epistemology, I work on a variety of issues including the nature of assurance, the semantics of knowledge ascription, self-knowledge, memory and inference. 




    Additional Information/ Links

    Coreference & Confusion 
    In my thesis (reviewed here), I worried about how confused one could be and still make a credible inference. Here's a newer account, and some thoughts about alternative approaches (first, on Kit Fine's Semantic Relationism, and second, on Ruth Millikan's anti-Fregeanism).

    Matters Epistemic

    My book is finally out... time to get excited about all things Austinian! 


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