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    Name:Nadeem J. Z. Hussain
    Title:Associate Professor of Philosophy and, by courtesy, of German Studies
    Additional Appointments:Dean of the Freshman-Sophomore College
    Stanford Philosophy Department Member:Yes
    Areas of Specialization:Metaethics; Philosophy of Action; Nineteenth-Century German Philosophy
    Primary Phone:+1-650-725-9690
    Office Number (physical):100-101I
    Office Hours:W 1-3
    Research Interests

    I specialise in metaethics, the philosophy of action, and the history of nineteenth-century German philosophy. I am currently investigating contemporary criticisms of mainstream analytical metaethics and philosophy of action that draw their inspiration from the Kantian tradition. My hope is that a book will emerge from this. Meanwhile I continue to work on assessing different interpretations of Nietzsche views about metaethics and the nature of agency.

    Short Bio

    I received my B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University in 1990. I then went to the Department of Philosophy at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I completed a Ph.D. there in 1999. I also spent the academic year of 1998-99 at Universität Bielefeld in Germany. I have been teaching at Stanford since 2000.


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Review of Michael S. Green, Nietzsche and the Transcendental Tradition
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