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How to Declare

Students can declare the Philosophy Major or Minor by choosing the appropriate undergraduate plan in Axess and submitting a declaration packet to the Undergraduate Student Services Officer and to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The Undergraduate Student Services Officer is a resource for questions about the major or minor, related undergraduate opportunities and events, and more. The Director of Undergraduate Studies pairs students with faculty major advisors, and can advise about developing a plan of study as well as answer any questions about requirements.

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The Dualist

The Dualist is Stanford’s undergraduate philosophy organization. We go on a yearly retreat, meet weekly to discuss articles on topics of mutual interest, and organize events and programs for the philosophy department.

Preparing to Graduate

Students graduating in Spring should apply to graduate in Axess by the April deadline. Please check the University Academic Calendar for deadlines for other quarters.

Undergraduates should review the Graduation Checklist to make sure they are ready by the deadline, having met all necessary units and Stanford General Education requirements or WAYS. 

If you have applied to graduate with a minor or a multiple-major or dual degree, you must submit a Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval form.

Visit ExploreDegrees for more graduation-related information, important dates, and resources.

Career Paths in Philosophy

BEAM Career Resources

Bridging Education, Ambition, and Meaningful Work (BEAM) is the student career education hub at Stanford University. Career Educators at BEAM connect students with the people and knowledge needed to help them explore career paths, identify and apply for opportunities, and cultivate personalized networks that shape their professional journey.

Stanford Alumni Mentoring 

Additional Resources