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Ethics in Society Program

The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society is an interdisciplinary center committed to engaging the in-depth analysis and study of ethics along the backdrop of social problems with and across Stanford’s wide-ranging academic programs.

Undergraduate Honors

The Undergraduate Honors Program in Ethics in Society offers students in any major the opportunity to write a senior honors thesis on topics that use moral and political philosophy to address practical problems. The Program is guided by the idea that ethical thought has application to current social questions and conflicts. We encourage moral reflection and practice in areas such as education, law, science, politics, and public service.

Undergraduate Minor 

Philosophy undergraduates may wish to pursue the Ethics in Society minor offered by the Center. The mission of this program is to enrich undergraduate studies through the exploration of moral issues in personal and professional life. Courses should focus around a central theme such as bioethics, equality of opportunity, ethics in politics, or other themes approved by the faculty director. Students should discuss potential themes with an academic advisor before planning their course of study.


Please check exploredegrees for the most up to date requirement information.  EXPLORE DEGREES

A minor in Ethics in Society requires six (or more) courses for a minimum of 25 and maximum of 30 units total. Courses taken to satisfy minor requirements may NOT be double-counted towards major requirements.

  • ETHICSOC 20 “Introduction to Moral Philosophy” (same as PHIL 2) or ETHICSOC 170 “Ethical Theory” (same as PHIL 170)

  • ETHICSOC 171 “Justice” (same as PHIL 171, POLISCI 136S, PUBLPOL 207)

  • Three courses at the 100-level or above AND one course at the 200-level or above that addresses some dimension of moral or political problems, either in theory or practice, relating to the theme of the minor.

Please contact Alanna Reyes, Ethics in Society Administrative Associate, for more information. 



McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford