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CS + Philosophy Joint Major


The Joint Major provides a unique opportunity to gain mastery and develop skills in two disciplines: Computer Science and Philosophy. Unlike the double major or dual major, the Joint Major emphasizes integration of the two fields through a cohesive, transdisciplinary course of study and integrated capstone experience. The Joint Major not only blends the intellectual traditions of two Stanford departments-it does so in a way that reduces the total unit requirement for each major.

Students completing the JMP receive a B.A.S. (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences)

Please check the Stanford Bulletin (ExploreDegrees) for the most up to date requirements.


philosophy requirements 

(Joint Major)

preview to cS  requirements  

(Joint Major)


1. An introductory course (under 100)                             

2. PHIL 80 (Writing in the Major)                                        

3. Core requirements in philosophy:

  • One course in Logic (PHIL 49, 50, 151)  
  • One course in philosophy of science                         
  • One course in moral or political philosophy
  • One course in contemporary theoretical philosophy (PHIL 180s)
  • The following two courses in the history of philosophy
    • PHIL 100 (ancient philosophy)
    • PHIL 102 (modern philosophy)
  • Any units taken for a letter grade in fulfillment of the core requirements must be completed with a  grade of C- or higher.

 4. Capstone seminar within philosophy (PHIL 194s)

 5. Expected integrative independent capstone project

 6. Electives sufficient to bring the student’s overall program up to a minimum total of 50 units in Philosophy.                                                                                                                                                          


1. Two of the depth electives are waived               

2.  Senior project is fulfilled with a senior year capstone project CS 191 or 191W (3 units)

3.  Courses cannot be double-counted for both majors. If a course counts toward both majors, the student must work with one of the departments to find an additional course.

4. WIM can be satisfied with CS181W or CS 191W.                                                                       



For full details about CS requirements, contact Meredith Hutchin and see:




Students in the joint major are required to complete the same introductory and core requirements as other Philosophy majors, with the exception of a more demanding logic requirement. In addition, joint majors must complete a senior capstone seminar in Philosophy (PHIL 194), and are normally expected to complete (separately from PHIL 194) an integrative senior capstone project, developed with faculty adviser(s) in CS and/or Philosophy, and approved in writing by the joint major’s faculty adviser in Philosophy.

Students may register for 5-10 units Individual Work, Undergraduate (PHIL 197) in association with the integrative capstone. These units may be taken across one or two quarters, and must be taken for a letter grade. Such projects must integrate the student’s CS and philosophical learning.

In recognition of the student’s work in the CS side of the joint major, the normal elective units required for Philosophy majors are reduced by 5 units for joint majors. Thus, the joint major requires 50 units within Philosophy.

For a full list of requirements, review Explore Degrees

For more information, contact the Undergraduate Student Services Officer.