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Eastern Division Programs

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 2012

Washington, DC, at the Mariott Wardman Park Hotel, Dec 27-30

Symposium on "Nietzsche and Romanticism," Dec 28, 9 AM-12 PM

Speakers: Wolfgang Mann (Columbia)

Frederick Neuhauser (Barnard)

Ben Wolfson (University of California, Santa Barbara)

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 2011

Boston (at the Boston Marriott--Copley Place, December 28-30)


Wednesday, December 29, 1:30-4:30 PM

Topic: "Alexander Nehamas's Nietzsche: Life as Literature: A 25th Anniversary Retrospective."

Chair: Lanier Anderson (Stanford)

Speakers: Robert Pippin (U of Chicago) and Christopher Janaway (U of Southampton)

Response: Alexander Nehamas (Princeton)

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 2010

December 28-30, at the New York Marriott Marques hotel.  

NANS Meeting on December, 29th, 7-10 PM

Symposium on "Nietzsche and Darwin: Reflections on the Sesquicentenary of The Origin of Species."  

Chair: Christa Acampora.  

Speakers: Patrick Forber (Tufts University), Dirk Johnson (Hampton-Sydney College), and Catherine Wilson (Aberdeen College, U.K.).

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division One Hundred Fifth Annual Meeting

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Philadelphia, PA December 27 - 30, 2008

North American Nietzsche Society 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Topic: Nietzsche and Perfectionism

Chair: James Conant (University of Chicago)

Speakers: Paul Franks (University of Toronto)

Stephen Mulhall (Oxford University)

Commentator: Stanley Cavell (Harvard University)

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division One Hundred Fourth Annual Meeting

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Baltimore, MD December 27 - 30, 2007

North American Nietzsche Society 8:00-11:00 p.m.

Author Meets Critics: Robert Pippin, Nietzsche, moraliste français: La conception nietzschéenne d’une psychologie philosophique

Chair: Nadeem Hussain (Stanford University)

Critics: Christa Davis Acampora (Hunter College and Graduate Center–City University of New York)

Lanier Anderson (Stanford University)

James Conant (University of Chicago)

Author: Robert Pippin (University of Chicago)

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division One Hundred Third Annual Meeting

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Washington, DC

December 27 - 30, 2006

North American Nietzsche Society 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Topic: Nietzsche and Translation

Chair: Christa Davis Acampora (City University of New York–Hunter College)


Duncan Large (Swansea University–Wales)

Graham Parkes (University of Hawaii)

Richard Schacht (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)

Alan Schrift (Grinnell College)

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division One Hundred Second Annual Meeting

New York, NY December 27 - 30, 2005

North American Nietzsche Society

8:00-11:00 p.m.

Topic: Author Meets Critics: John Richardson, Nietzche's New Darwinism

Chair: Lanier Anderson (Stanford University)

Critics: Maudemarie Clark (Colgate University)

Bernard Reginster (Brown University)

Author: John Richardson (New York University)

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division One Hundred First Annual Meeting

Boston, MA

Dec 27-30, 2004

North American Nietzsche Society

1:30-4:30 p.m.

Topic: Nietzsche and Individuality

Chair: Alan D. Schrift (Grinnell College)


R. Lanier Anderson (Stanford University)

“Nietzsche on Perspective, Self-knowledge, and

Achieving Individuality”

Kathleen Marie Higgins (University of Texas–Austin)

“Nietzsche, Empty Names, and Individuality”

Richard Schacht (University of Illinois–Urbana-


“Nietzsche and Individuality”

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Program One Hundredth Annual Meeting

Washington Hilton & Towers Washington, D.C.

December 27-30, 2003

North American Nietzsche Society

2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Topic: Nietzsche on Freedom

Chair: Alan D. Schrift (Grinnell College)

Speakers: Herman Siemens (University of Nijmegen)

"Poiesis and Praxis in Nietzsche and Arendt"

Frithjof Bergmann (University of Michigan)

"Nietzsche on Freedom"

William Dudley (Williams College)

"Freedom in and through Nietzsche's Tragic Genealogy"

John Richardson (New York University)

"Nietzschean versus Kantian Freedom"

The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Ninety-Ninth Annual Meeting 2002

North American Nietzsche Society

Topic: Nietzsche and Foucault

Chair: Alan D. Schrift

Speakers: Todd May, "Michel Foucault: Nietzschean Pragmatist"

Linda Alcoff, "The Political Epistemologies of Nietzsche and Foucault"

Henry Staten, "The Discipline of Will to Power"

Paul Patton, "Power and Right in Nietzsche and Foucault"

2001 APA 98th Annual Eastern Division

Topic: "Nietzsche and Emerson"

Chair: Alan D. Schrift

Saturday, December 29th

2:45 - 5:45pm

James Conant (University of Chicago): "Emerson, Nietzsche and the Inhibitions of Democracy"

David Owen (Politics, University of Southampton) & Aaron Ridley

(University of Southampton): "Fate"

Thomas L. Dumm (Political Science, Amherst College): "Loneliness in

Emerson and Nietzsche"

Stanley Cavell (Harvard University): "New and Old in Nietzsche and Emerson".

2000 Eastern Division, 97th Annual Meeting

At the 2000 APA Eastern Division meeting in New York, a symposium chaired by Alan Schrift was held on the topic: “Nietzsche and Existentialism Reconsidered: Nietzsche as Existentialist?” Speakers were:

Robert Solomon, “Nietzsche as Existentialist and as Fatalist: The Practical Paradoxes of Self-Making”

Debra Bergoffen, “Nietzsche’s Existential Signature(s)”

Bernard Reginster, “Nihilism and the Affirmation of Life”

Ivan Soll, “Attitudes Toward Life: The Existential Project of Nietzsche’s Philosophy”

1999 APA Eastern Division, 96th Annual Meeting

The NANS meeting at the APA Eastern Division meetings in

1999, which will take place at the Copley Plaza in Boston: Wednesday, Dec.

29,1:30-4:30, in The Harvard Room.

Topic: Nietzsche for the New Millennium

Chair: Alan D. Schrift


Daniel Conway, "Nietzsche's Swan Song: Eine kleine Nichtmusik?"

Kathleen Higgins, "Beyond Irony: Nietzsche in the Twenty-First Century"

Maudemarie Clark, "Learning to Read Nietzsche"

Eastern Division Programs 1990 to 1998 COMING SOON

86th Annual Eastern Division of the APA, 1989

December 28

Symposium: Nietzsche’s Madness 1889-1989

Chair: Gary Shapiro

Speakers: David Allison, Daniel Breazeale, David Farrell Krell, Alphonso Lingus

85th Annual Eastern Division Meeting

Washington DC 1988, Dec 27-30

Session 1, Dec 28th

Chair: Gary Shapiro

Symposium: Perspectives on Perspectivism

Robin Alice Roth "Nietzsche’s Metaperspectivism"

Babette B Babich "Nietzsche and the Philosophy of Scientific Power"

Daniel Conway "Beyond Realism Nietzsche’s ‘New Infinite’"

Session: 2 Richard Schusterman “Nietzsche, Nehemas, and Organic Unity”

Commentator: Alexander Nehamas

Dec 29th

Topic Nietzsche and Alan Bloom’s Nietzsche

Chair: Bernd Magnus

Panel: Werner Dannhauser, Alexander Nehamas, Richard Rorty, and Richard Schacht

84th Annual Eastern Division Meeting

Dec 1987 (New York)

Chair: R. J. Hollingdale

"Absolute Becoming and Absolute Necessity" by Robin Small

Reply to Professor Robin Small by John Richardson

Richard White "Nietzsche contra Kant and the Problem of Autonomy"

Commentator Mark Fowler

Daniel Conway "A moral Ideal for Everyone and No One: Nietzsche’s Oblique Promotion of Virtue"

Commentator: Lester Hunt

83rd Annual Eastern Division APA

Boston, MA

Dec 27

Chair: Harold Alderman

"The Drama of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra: Intention. Repetition, Prelude" by Robert Gooding-Williams

"Zarathustra’s Stammer as a Way of Life" by Kathleen Higgins

"Rorty and Nietzsche: Some Elective Affinities" by Daniel Shaw

"Nietzsche’s Synoptic and Utopian Vision" by William R. Schroeder

"Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence as Riemannian Cosmology" by Alistair Moles

"Reimann’s Geometry and Eternal Recurrence as Cosmological Hypothesis: A Reply" by George J. Stack

Dec 30th

Chair: Richard Schacht

Symposium: Nietzsche and Nehamas’s Nietzsche

"Literature as Life; Nietzsche’s Positive Morality" by Daniel W. Conway

"Nietzsche and Nehamas’s Nietzsche" by Robert Solomon

"Self-Consuming Concepts" by Bernd Magnus

"Different Readings: A Reply to Magnus, Solomon and Conway" by Alexander Nehamas

82nd Annual Eastern Division

Washington D.C.

Dec 28, 1985

Chair: John Wilcox

"Nietzsche’s View of Truth" by Steven Galt Crowell

"Crowell on Nietzsche on Truth" by Philip Hugly

"Nietzschean Nihilism: A Typology" by Alan White

"Ex Nihilismo Nihil Fit: Comments"  by Paul D. Eisenberg

"A Critique of Nietzsche’s Metaphysical Scepticism" by Glen T. Martin

Reply by Gordon C. F. Bearn

Dec 29th

Chair: David Allison

"Deconstructing The Birth of Tragedy" by Maudemarie Clark

"Nietzsche’s 'Thought'" by Gayle L Ormiston

"Seducing Historicism" by Debra B Bergoffen

Comments by Gary Shapiro

81st APA Eastern Division Meeting

Dec 28 1984, NY, NY

Chair: Joan Stambaugh

Speaker: Frithjof Bergmann "After Morality"

Speaker: Arthur C. Danto "Some Remarks on The Genealogy of Morals"

NANS Session at the APA 80th Annual Eastern Division

Boston, Mass. Dec 27-30 1983

Topic: Nietzsche and the Parabolic

Chair: Bernd Magnus

Speaker: Alexander Nehamas "Why is Style so Important to Nietzsche’s Writing?"

Speaker: Lawrence Hinman "The Parabolic in Nietzsche"

"Gleichnis in Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra" by J. Hillis Miller

79th Annual Eastern Division Meeting

North American Nietzsche Society, December 28-29, 1982 in Baltimore Maryland

Session 1: Dec 28th

On “Truth and Lie in the Extra-Moral Sense” by Maudemarie Clark (Columbia University)

Comments: "Aims and Forms of Discourse Regarding Nietzsche’s Truth-Telling" by William J. Zanardi (Saint Edward’s University)

Chair: Richard S. G. Brown (Brock University)

"Nietzsche, Metaphor, and Truth" by Lawrence M. Hinman

Comments by Stephen Knaster

Chair: Max Hallman (Tulane University)

"Nietzsche, Skepticism and Eternal Recurrence" by Phillip J. Kain

Comments: Darrell Colombo

Chair: Alan Schrift (Purdue University)

Session 2: Dec 29th

"Nietzsche’s Sting and the Possibility of Good Philology" by Kenneth R. Westphal (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

"A comment on Ken Westphal’s 'Nietzsche’s Sting and the Possibility of Good Philology'" by R. L. Zimmerman (Sarah Lawrence College)

Chair: Graham Parkes (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

"Nietzsche on Beauty and Taste: The Problem of Aesthetic Evaluations" by Michael Neville (Washington State University)

"Nietzsche on the Joys of Struggle: Some Remarks in Response to Professor Neville" by Donald Weiss (University Center at Binghamton) (Comments read by Jeffrey King (Universit of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

Chair: Bernd Magnus (scheduled Chair was Jeffrie G. Murphy (Arizona State University)

78th Annual Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association

in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 28 and 29, 1981.

Dec. 28th, 1981

Chair: H. G. Callaway

Lawrence J Hatab "Nietzsche on Woman"

Commentator: Linda Singer

Chair: Robert J Cavalier

"The Genius and the Better Player: Superman and the Elements of Play" by Richard Perkins

Commentator: Kathleen Higgins

Chair: Richard A Spinello

"Truth as Art – Art as Truth" by Eugene G. Newman (Loyola University Chicago)

Commentator: Phyllis Kenevan

Dec 29

Chair: André Mineau

"Nietzsche on Envy" Gary Shapiro (University of Kansas)

Commentator: Ofelia M. Schutte

Chair: David Appelbaum

"The Eternal Recurrence, Again" by Debra B. Bergoffen (George Mason University)

Commentator: Charles S Taylor

77th annual Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association

in Boston, Massachusetts, December 27-30, 1980.

December 29th, 1980

Chair: Bernd Magnus

Speaker: Erich Heller (Northwestern University) “Nietzsche, The Philosopher of Art”

Commentator: Joan Stambaugh (Hunter College)


Chair: Richard Schacht (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Speaker: Maudemarie Clark (Columbia University) “Nietzsche’s Doctrine of Will to Power”

Commentator: John T. Wilcox (State University of New York at Binghamton)


Chair: Hans Seigfried (Loyola University Chicago)

Speaker: Alexander Nehamas “Knowledge and Perspectivism in Nietzsche” (University of Pittsburgh)

Commentator: Tracy B. Strong (University of California, San Diego)