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Mark Schroeder Colloquium

Mark Schroeder Colloquium
Fri October 12th 2018, 3:30 - 5:30pm
Building 90, Room 92Q



Relationship Pathologies

This talk will be about how people – even well-meaning people – can fail to understand one another in ways that are systematically difficult to escape.  The systematic lack of understanding in which I am interested is plausibly manifested in the extreme political polarization that we see in the twenty-first century.  But it is also plausibly manifested is less extreme forms even within loving relationships.  My goal in the talk is to offer a rationalizing explanation of such mutual misunderstandings – one that makes intelligible how even loving and well-meaning people can fail to fully understand one another.  The key ingredient in this explanation is an account of a novel and underappreciated kind of silencing.

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