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"Real Men” on Top: The Metaphysics of Patriarchy (MAP Workshop)

Professor Robin Dembroff
Fri April 16th 2021, 12:00 - 1:30pm
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Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)
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Professor Dembroff will present chapter two from their work-in-progress "Real Men” on Top: The Metaphysics of PatriarchyParticipants are expected to read the paper before the workshop. To request access to this paper, please contact César Valenzuela (cesarvalenzuela [at] (cesarvalenzuela[at]stanford[dot]edu)). 

Summary of the Chapter: 
Throughout the chapter, I’ll primarily focus on showing that the content and enforcement of manhood is thoroughly shaped by social relations of race, class, disability, nationality, and sexual orientation, and demonstrating how this results in gender disadvantage targeting men. But in closing, I’ll turn to examine why, in addition to this, I think it is true to say that some groups of men experience gender oppression. (Oppression, recall, refers to entrenched patterns of gender disadvantage that are not counteracted by gender advantage.) I’ll look at three forms of gender oppression commonly discussed in relation to women’s experiences: double standards, double binds, and doubling down (that is, violence). I’ll argue that all three also target certain groups of men, which suggests that these groups, too, are caught in a gender web that is designed to push them downward while uplifting “real men”.
About the Author:​
Robin Dembroff is an assistant professor in the philosophy department at Yale University. ​Their primary areas of research are feminist philosophy, metaphysics, and epistemology, with a particular emphasis on relationships between social categories, concepts, ​and language. Professor Dembroff received their Ph.D in philosophy from Princeton University in 2017, and their M.A. in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 2014.
Sally Tilton and César Valenzuela (MAP Representatives)