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The Metanormativity and Problematic Contents Reading Group

The Metanormativity and Problematic Contents Group is dedicated to exploring the nature of normative thought and language, as well as other problematic or difficult to understand types of thought and language.   

The central concern of this reading group is normative content and other kinds of possible contents of thought and language that are not obviously neatly handled by truth-conditional approaches.   


In past quarters, we have read the following books:

  • Spring 2014: Kripke, Reference and Existence

  • Winter 2014: Lewis, Counterfactuals

  • Fall 2013: Stalnaker, Inquiry

  • Fall 2012 - Spring 2013: Brandom, Making It Explicit

  • Spring 2012 - Fall 2012: McDowell, Mind and World


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