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Varieties of Agency

The workshop usually meets three times per quarter.
Varieties of Agency

Varieties of Agency is a Geballe Research Workshop at the Stanford Humanities Center, co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

The workshop investigates issues in agency and action, including their logical, psychological, rational, and social dimensions, from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary angles.

For our current schedule, see the workshop calendar.

If you would like to learn more about the workshop or get involved, please contact Nathan Hauthaler at nathanha [at] stanford [dot] edu 



- GUNNAR BJÖRNSSON (Stockholm): "Skills, Values, and Demands". Introductory comments by Steven Woodworth (Stanford)
- MIKKEL GERKEN (Southern Denmark): "Salient Alternatives and Epistemic Injustice in Folk Epistemology". Introductory comments by Jared Parmer (Stanford)
- NATHAN HAUTHALER (Stanford): "Practical Knowledge and The Past". Introductory comments by David Hills (Stanford)

REMAINING MEETINGS 2019-20: POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (following Covid-19 containment measures)
- DAVE GOTTLIEB (Stanford)
- BARRY MAGUIRE (Stanford)


Past meetings:

- NATHAN HAUTHALER (Stanford): "For No Particular Reason". Introductory comments by David Hills (Stanford)
- JUSTIN D'AMBROSIO (ANU): "Depictive Verbs and The Nature of Perception". Introductory comments by Ben Sparkes (Stanford)
- PAMELA HIERONYMI (UCLA): "Fairness, Sanctions, and Condemnation". Introductory comments by Taylor Madigan (Stanford)
- LUCY CAMPBELL (Warwick): "On Anscombe on Practical Knowledge and Practical Truth". Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Stanford)
- KIM FROST (Syracuse): "Mistakes and Malfunctions".
- RALF BADER (Princeton/Oxford): "Agent-relative Value". Introductory comment by Dave Gottlieb (Stanford)
- MICHAEL BRATMAN (Philosophy, Stanford): "Shared Agency, Institutional Agency, Intentional Agency"
- CARLOS NÚÑEZ (Philosophy, Vienna): "Requirements of Intention in Light of Belief".

- GRAEME A. FORBES (Philosophy, Kent): "On Intending to Bring Something About". Introductory comments by Rob Bassett (Stanford)

- JOHN TURMAN (Philosophy, Stanford): “Representation in Skill”. Introductory comments by David Hills (Stanford)
- ODED NA'AMAN (Philosophy, Stanford): "Regretting with Time". Introductory comments by Jorah Dannenberg (Stanford)
- CHRISTOF BRANDTNER (Sociology, Stanford): "Cities in Action: A Comparative Study of U.S. Cities' Sustainability Practices". Introductory comments by Jared Furuta (Stanford)
- ELI ALSHANETSKY (Philosophy, Stanford): "Articulating a Thought". Introductory comments by Paul Tulipana (Stanford)
- SERGIO TENENBAUM (Philosophy, Toronto): "Extended Agency and the Problem of Diachronic Autonomy". Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Stanford)
- THOMAS ICARD (Philosophy, Stanford): "Normative Judgments and Causal Judgments". Introductory comments by Wang Yafeng (Stanford)
- CHRISTOPHER BOBONICH (Philosophy/Classics, Stanford): "Plato on Just Action and Happiness in the Republic". Introductory comments by Huw Duffy (Stanford)
- NATALIE GOLD (Philosophy, King's College London): "Guarding Against Temptation: Rational Intentions and Inter-Personal Team Reasoning". Introductory comments by Grace Paterson (Stanford)

- JENS GILLESSEN (Philosophy, Leipzig/Stanford): “Flat Intentions—Crazy Dispositions?”. Introductory comments by Carlos Núñez (Stanford)
- BEN WOLFSON (Philosophy, Stanford): “Setiya on Reasons and Causes”. Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Stanford)
- MANUEL VARGAS (Philosophy/Law, San Francisco): “Less Than Fully Responsible: Difficulty and Degrees in Shared and Mitigated Responsibility”. Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Philosophy, Stanford)
- CHRISTOPHER LEWIS (Law/Philosophy, Stanford): “Inequality, Incentives, Criminality, and Blame”. Introductory comments by Juliana Bidadanure (Ethics/Philosophy, Stanford)
- FACUNDO ALONSO (Philosophy, Stanford): “Intending, Settling, and Relying". Introductory comments by Carlos Núñez (Philosophy, Stanford)
- JOHANNA THOMA (Philosophy, Toronto/Stanford): “Risk Aversion and the Long Run”. Introductory comments by Rachael Briggs (Philosophy, Stanford)
- CARLOS NÚÑEZ (Philosophy, Stanford): “I Intend Everyone To Be Amused”. Introductory comments by Facundo Alonso (Philosophy, Stanford) 
OLLE BLOMBERG (Philosophy, Copenhagen/Stanford): “Practical Knowledge and Joint Action”. Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Philosophy, Stanford) 
NEIL SINHABABU (Philosophy, Singapore): “Intention". Introductory comments by David Hills (Philosophy, Stanford)
JASON KONEK (Philosophy, Kansas State): “Epistemic Conservativity and Imprecise Credence”. Introductory comments by Shane Steinert-Threlkeld (Philosophy, Stanford) 

- JENS GILLESSEN (Philosophy, Leipzig/Stanford): “Making Sense of Unconditional Intention”. Introductory comments by Mark Crimmins (Philosophy, Stanford). 
- MICHAEL BRATMAN (Philosophy, Stanford): “Shared Agency: A Planning Theory of Acting Together” 
- CARLOS NÚÑEZ (Philosophy, Stanford): “Expressivism and the Will”. Introductory comments by David Hills (Philosophy, Stanford).
- CLEO CONDORAVDI (Linguistics, Stanford): “Preference-Conditioned Necessities: Detachment and Practical Reasoning”. Introductory comments by Peter Hawke (Philosophy, Stanford). 
- SAMUEL ASARNOW (Philosophy, Stanford): “Internal Reasons and the Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Introductory comments by Tamar Schapiro (Philosophy, Stanford). 
- JOHN BROOME (Philosophy, Oxford/Stanford): “Rationality Through Reasoning”. With introductory comments by Samuel Asarnow (Stanford) and Carlos Núñez (Stanford)
- MICHAEL THOMPSON (Philosophy, Pittsburgh): “Forms of Nature: ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘living’, rational’, and ‘phronetic”. Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Philosophy, Stanford). 
- JOHAN VAN BENTHEM (Philosophy/Logic, Amsterdam/Stanford): “Logic in Games”. Introductory comments by Shane Steinert-Threlkeld (Stanford)
- MATTHEW ETCHEMENDY (Law/Philosophy, Stanford): “Notes on the Future of Legal Expressivism”. Introductory comments by Nadeem Hussain (Philosophy, Stanford) 
- MICHAEL BRATMAN (Philosophy, Stanford): “Shared Intention, Shared Deliberation, Common Ground”. Introductory comments by Carlos Núñez (Philosophy, Stanford).
- YOAV SHOHAM (Computer Science, Stanford): “Theories of Intention and the Database Perspective”. Introductory comments by Peter Hawke (Philosophy, Stanford)
- HERB C. CLARK (Psychology, Stanford): “Joint Actions, Joint Commitments”. Introductory comments by Shane Steinert-Threlkeld (Philosophy, Stanford).
- TAMAR SCHAPIRO (Philosophy, Stanford): “What Are Theories of Desire Theories Of?” Introductory comments by Meica Magnani (Philosophy, Stanford).
- SERGIO TENENBAUM (Philosophy, Toronto): “Acting and Satisficing”. Introductory comments by Nathan Hauthaler (Stanford).
- BEN MILLER (Philosophy, Stanford): “The Role of the Kalon in Ethical Decision-Making in Aristotle’s Ethics”. Introductory comments by Alan Code (Philosophy/Classics, Stanford).
- KLAUS CORCILIUS (Philosophy/Classics, Berkeley): “Activity and Passivity in Aristotle's Account of Basic Perceptual Discrimination”