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Women in Philosophy

on hiatus

This is a reading group for undergraduate and graduate student women studying philosophy. Our aims are to foster community amongst female philosophers, and to create a space for undergraduate female philosophers to develop their discussion skills and build confidence.

Anyone with an interest in philosophy is welcome, including non-majors, so if you think you might like to come please get in touch (or just show up)!


in 2014 we had the following meetings:

  • Foot - “Virtues and Vices” (Moya, May 27) 

  • Carnap - “Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology” (Maya, May 13)

  • David Lewis - “Scorekeeping in a Language Game” (Mala, April 29)

  • Margaret Urban Walker - “Moral Luck and the Virtues of Impure Agency” (Caroline, April 15)

  • Thomas Nagel - “The Absurd” (Elise, March 4)

  • Discussion of undergraduate life (February 25)

  • Iris Murdoch - “The Idea of Perfection” (Kay, Feb 11)

For more information, please contact the department office.