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Debra Satz and Joshua Landy join the team at Philosophy Talk

by University Communications on September 15, 2017 3:11 pm

Philosophy Talk, the popular radio show starring Stanford philosophers KEN TAYLOR and JOHN PERRY, has added two new voices to its broadcast team: DEBRA SATZ and JOSHUA LANDY. Satz and Landy will join Taylor on alternating weeks. Perry will become host emeritus.

Philosophy Talk, which calls itself “the program that questions everything….except your intelligence,” celebrates the value of the examined life. Each week, Taylor and Perry have engaged in conversation about issues ranging from popular culture to beliefs about science, morality and the human condition. Philosophy Talk was created in 2004 to challenge listeners to identify and question assumptions and to think about things in new ways. The nationally syndicated program airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. on Valley Public Radio and is broadcast out of San Francisco on KALW 91.7.

Satz, professor in philosophy, has served many roles at Stanford, including director of the McCoy Center for Ethics in Society and senior associate dean for the humanities and arts. Her research focuses on the ethical limits of markets; the meaning and place of equality in a just society; theories of rational choice; feminist philosophy; a society’s obligations to its citizens, especially with respect to education; and issues of international justice.

Joshua Landy is professor of French language, literature and civilization, as well as professor of comparative literature. He is also co-founder and co-director of Stanford’s Initiative in Philosophy and Literature. He teaches courses on first-person fiction, philosophy and literature, and the art of living. His research is at the intersection of philosophy and literature, focusing on authors and thinkers such as Proust, Beckett, Plato and Nietzsche, and through them our relationship with fiction as a genre.

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