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Prof. Michael Bratman gives Pufendorf lectures at Lund University

Earlier this month, Professor Michael Bratman gave the Samuel von Pufendorf Lectures at Lund University in Sweden.  


The series The Rational Dynamics of Planning Agency can be found below: 

        June 7     "Plan Rationality and the Strategy of Self-Governance 

        June 8     "Synchronic Self-Governance Synchronic Rationality"

        June 9     "A Planning Agent's Diachronic Self-Governance"

        June 10    "The Reflective Stabilility of our Planning Agency"


About the Pufendorf lectures

Each year, Lund University’s Department of Philosophy invites a prominent philosopher or cognitive scientist to give the Pufendorf Lectures. The lectures are open to anyone with an interest in philosophy or cognitive science. Use the navigation pane to the left to find information about this year’s lectures and recordings from previous years. Why Pufendorf? We started thinking in terms of places, the King’s house lectures, Lundagårdsföreläsningarna, etc. But maybe in 50 years these lectures will be held at a different place. And usually lectures like these are named after famous scholars. There is however one person who is probably the most famous of all academics from Lund and who is, according to the myth, also closely related to the King’s house. In fact he is said to haunt this building. His name was Samuel von Pufendorf (1632-1694).