David Hills

Associate Professor of Philosophy (Teaching)
David Hills

Philosophy is the ungainly attempt to tackle questions that come naturally to children, using methods that come naturally to lawyers. Historians of philosophy accordingly divide into those who are forever asking "Where is he coming from?" and those who are forever asking "Where does he get off?" You can probably already guess which kind of historian I am. I have projects underway on irony, regret, point of view in the visual arts, and Kant’s theory of taste. Currently I am hardest at work on a booklength study of metaphor.

Featured Articles

"“Such Sweet Sorrow”" Contribution to a workshop Symposium on the work of Scott Howard, Harvard University. 2013

"On Getting to Know a State or Process Better" J. Ellis and D. Guevara (eds) Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Mind OUP. 2012

"“Of the (Kantian) Standard of Taste”" Invited talk at Pacific Study Group . 2011

"“Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free” " Paul Woodruff Remarks about The Necessity of Theater . 2010

"Review, R. Wollheim on the Art of Painting" Rob van Gerwen (ed) Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews . 2002