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"Hume’s Skepticism and Inductivism concerning Space and Geometry" Vincenzo De Risi (ed) in Mathematizing Space: The Objects of Geometry from Antiquity to the Early Modern Age Birkhäuser. 2015

"Hume's Phenomenological Conception of Space, Time and Mathematics" Michael Frauchinger (ed) Reference, Rationality, and Phenomenology: Themes from Follesdal (107-119) Ontos Verlag. 2013

"Hume and Descartes on Skepticism with Regard to Demonstrative Reasoning" Análisis Filosófico (101-119) . 2005

"Quine’s Historical Argument for Epistemology Naturalized" Friedrich Stadler (ed) Kluwer Academic Publishers. 2003

"Geometry in the Metaphysical Exposition" Volker Gerhardt, Ralph Schumacher, Rolf-Peter Horstmann Kant und die Berliner Aufklärung (197-204) Walter de Gruyter. 2001

"Naturalismo y la Autonomía del Pensamiento Filosófico" La Epistemología Naturalista de Quine en relación a la Epistemología Tradicional Análisis Filosófico 15:1 (5-30) . 1999

"Philosophical Scepticism in Wittgenstein's On Certainty" Richard H. Popkin (ed) Scepticism in the History of Philosophy (181-196) Kluwer Academic Publishers. 1996

"Wittgenstein y el Escepticismo Filosófico" Manuscrito 18:2 (245-274) . 1995

"The Constitutive A Priori" Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol 18 Supplementary (179-214) . 1992


"Kant and Innatism" Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 68:3,4 (285-305) . 1987

"Necesidad Como Criterio de la Aprioridad " Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofia 13:1 (33-46) . 1987


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