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John W. Etchemendy

Denning Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
Patrick Suppes Family Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences
Former Provost
John W. Etchemendy

Featured Articles

"Reflections on Consequence" D. Patterson (ed) New Essays on Tarski and Philosophy OUP. 2008

"Computers, Visualization, and the Nature of Reasoning" with Jon Barwise, T.W. Bynum (ed), J. Moor (ed) The Digital Phoenix: How Computers are Changing Philosophy Blackwell . 1998

"Heterogeneous Logic" Jon Barwise (ed), Gerard Allwein (ed) Logical Reasoning with Diagrams OUP. 1996

"Information, Infons, and Inference" R. Cooper, K. Mukai, J. Perry Situation Theory and its Applications . 1990

"Model Theoretic Semantics" with Jon Barwise, M. Posner (ed) Foundations of Cognitive Science MIT Press. 1989

"Tarski on Truth and Logical Consequence" Journal of Symbolic Logic 53 (51-79) . 1988

"Models, Semantics, and Logical Truth" Linguistics and Philosophy 11 (91-106) . 1988

"The Doctrine of Logic as Form" Linguistics and Philosophy 6 (319-34) . 1983

"The Cartesian Circle" Circulus ex Tempore Studia Cartesiana 2 (5-29) . 1981


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