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John Wilcox

John Wilcox



BA (hon), philosophy and political studies, The University of Auckland
MA, philosophy and statistics, The University of Auckland

I specialize in epistemology, the philosophy of science and logic, although I am also interested in topics in the philosophy of mind, meta-ethics, metaphysics and various areas outside of philosophy.
My recent work has focused primarily on applied epistemology, which I see as being the exploration of epistemological topics in real-world contexts--all with an aim to benefit society. For example, at the University of Melbourne, I worked on a large research project to develop software that enhances reasoning in intelligence agencies operating at the national and international levels. The underlying hope of the research program was that improved reasoning in intelligence agencies would result in improved socio-political decision-making. I also have an abiding interest in probabilistic reasoning in real-world contexts, as well as the multitude of philosophical problems which are intimately tied to them.

Aside from my academic work, I love having laughs with my fellow students, playing basketball and partaking in various forms of musical expression--especially dancing and playing the drums.

More information can be found at my personal website here.