Juliana Bidadanure

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Juliana Bidadanure
Juliana Bidadanure is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and, by courtesy, of Political Science, at Stanford University, and the Faculty Director of the Stanford Basic Income Lab. She joined the Stanford Philosophy department in 2015 after completing a PhD in the School of Politics, Economics and Philosophy at the University of York in the UK and a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Max Weber Program at the European University Institute in Italy. 

Her work is at the intersection of Political Philosophy and Public Policy. She has been working on how we should conceptualize the value of equality, in general, and on inequalities between age groups and generations in particular. She has published extensively on this topic, most notably the article "Making Sense of Age Group Justice: A Time for Relational Equality?" for the journal Politics, Philosophy & Economics and the book manuscript Justice Across Ages: Treating Young and Old as Equals forthcoming with Oxford University Press. The book manuscript provides a framework that serves to distinguish between acceptable and objectionable inequalities between co-existing generations. It investigates two overlapping questions: (1) how should resources like jobs, income, and political positions be distributed across the lifespan - and thus, between people of different age; and (2) what does it mean for younger and older members of a community to relate to one another as equals. The book also evaluates a range of age-specific policies including the introduction of youth quotas in parliaments, the youth job guarantee, mandatory retirement, and basic capital. 
Professor Bidadanure is also the founder and Faculty Director of the Stanford Basic Income Lab (BIL). The lab was founded in 2017 to provide an academic home to the growing interest in Universal Basic Income. BIL aims to promote an informed public conversation on Universal Basic Income (UBI) and its potential in alleviating poverty, economic insecurity and in reducing inequality. Hosted by the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford, BIL fosters research on UBI, holds events around the Politics, Philosophy and Economics of the proposal, brings together thought partners, practitioners, policymakers and academics to document best practices, discuss implementation challenges, and derives practical recommendations for advancing basic income proposals. 
Professor Bidadanure teaches a range of classes in Political and Moral Philosophy, including: PHIL 174E/274E Egalitarianism: A course on the history and theory of egalitarianism and anti-egalitarianismPHIL 174B/274B Universal Basic Income: The Philosophy Behind the Proposal; PHIL 175B/275B Philosophy of Public Policy; PHIL 21N The Ethics of Sports; and PHIL 378B Unequal Relationships.    

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