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Kenneth A. Taylor

Kenneth A. Taylor

Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy


I am currently working on three books, in various stages of completion.  The most nearly complete is a book about reference called Referring to the World:  An Opinionated Introduction to the Theory of Reference.  It was commissioned by Oxford ages ago and should be finished soon -- any day now. The second book, which is a longer term project is calledToward a Natural History of Normativity. It contains a naturalization of many things normative -- including ethical norms, linguistic norms, epistemic norms, and logical norms.   The third book, which is still a bit of a gleam in my eyes,  will be called Pragmatics Everywhere.  It grows out of my most recent work on the pragmatics of communication -- about which I have written a fair amount, but in somewhat scattered and occasional form.   This book will collect my thoughts on pragmatics under one heading.

In my spare time,  I also co-host a nationally syndicated radio show, called Philosophy Talk .  We bill ourselves as  the Program that Questions Everything ---  Except Your Intelligence.   I do this with my friend, colleague and collaborator, John Perry.   Unbelievably,  we've been at it for five years now and are still going strong.


Kenneth A. Taylor
Oxford University Press 2019
Kenneth A. Taylor
CSLI Publications 2003
Kenneth A. Taylor
Wiley-Blackwell 1998

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