Krista Lawlor

Henry Waldgrave Stuart Memorial Professor of Philosophy
Krista  Lawlor

In philosophy of mind, I work on issues about coreference and confusion. In epistemology, I work on a variety of issues including the nature of assurance, the semantics of knowledge ascription, self-knowledge, memory and inference, and J.L. Austin's contributions to epistemology.

Featured Articles

"Precis of Assurance" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research . 2015

"Exploring the Stability of Belief" Susanna Siegel (ed) Resiliency and Temptation Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 57 no.1 . 2014

"Varieties of Coreference" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 81 . 2010

"Knowing What One Wants" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research . 2009

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"A Notional Worlds Approach to Confusion" Mind and Language 22 . 2007

"Confused Thought and Modes of Presentation" The Philosophical Quarterly 55 . 2005

"Living without Closure" Epistemological Contextualism . 2005

"Reason and the Past" The Role of Rationality in Diachronic Self-knowledge Synthese 145 . 2005

"Enough is Enough" Pretense and Invariance in the Semantics of ‘knows that’ Philosophical Perspectives 19 . 2005


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