Meica Magnani

Graduation Year
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Kantian Social Constructivism
Meica Magnani

My interests lie in moral theory, practical reason, and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. My research focuses specifically on questions regarding the intersubjective nature of Kantian rationality and the possibility of practical judgment for sensible beings. I believe that Kantians and critics alike have failed to fully grapple with some of the most foundational aspects of Kant's account of practical reason: how exactly rationality pulls us into normative relations with one another and how sensible beings can apply a law of freedom to a world they can only cognize deterministically. This being the case, there is still much more to learn from and develop in Kant's practical philosophy. My current projects concern the publicity requirement on reason and its role in contemporary Kantian moral theory, understanding Kantian practical rationality as a collaborative activity, and practical schematism in Kant's account of practical judgment.