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Nathan Hauthaler

Nathan Hauthaler, Department of Philosophy

Nathan Hauthaler




I work primarily on issues in action, with particular interests in the ontology of action, the nature of intentional action, practical knowledge, as well as practical capacity.   Together with David Hills and Barry Maguire I coordinate Varieties of Agency, a Stanford research workshop focusing on all things action, which I co-founded together with Michael Bratman and Tamar Schapiro.

I am interested also in the history of philosophy, in particular the Great AAAs (Aristotle, Aquinas, Anscombe), and for good measure Frege and Wittgenstein. I also have a growing interest in Chinese philosophy in the Confucian tradition, in particular Mengzi, Xunzi, and Wang Yangming.

Before coming to Stanford I studied Philosophy in London (MPhilStud at Birkbeck), having before studied Philosophy as well as Public International Law in Austria and the Netherlands (Magister philosophiae; Magister iuris), and worked on international human rights, humanitarian law, and issues of intersectional discrimination.