Nathan Hauthaler

Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
Practical Determination: Action, Capacity, Knowledge
Nathan Hauthaler

I work primarily on issues in agency & action, with particular interests in the ontology of action, agential capacity, and agential understanding & knowledge, especially concerning intentional action. Together with David Hills and Barry Maguire I coordinate Varieties of Agency, a Stanford research workshop on all things action, which I co-founded together with Michael Bratman and Tamar Schapiro.

I am interested also in the history of philosophy, in particular the Great AAAs (Aristotle, Aquinas, Anscombe); Frege & Wittgenstein; and Classical Chinese philosophy

Before coming to Stanford I studied Philosophy in London (MPhilStud at Birkbeck), before that Philosophy as well as Law (Magister philosophiae; Magister iuri) in Austria & the Netherlands, & worked on international human rights, humanitarian law, and issues of intersectional discrimination.

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