Olga Lenczewska

Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
Kant and Rawls on the Moral and Political Development of Persons
Olga Lenczewska
I am a fourth-year PhD candidate at Stanford’s Philosophy Department and a research fellow at the Stanford Basic Income Lab. I'm also pursuing a PhD minor in Political Science. Before coming to Stanford, I obtained a BA Hons in Philosophy and Italian from the University of Oxford and worked as a research assistant at the National Italian Research Council in Rome. 
My primary research interests are Kant and contemporary political philosophy (particularly Rawls's theory of justice and universal basic income). I am currently writing my thesis on Kant and Rawls under the supervision of A. Wood, D. Estlund, J. Bidadanure, S. Freeman, and D. Hills. The first chapter of my thesis has won the 2018 Markus Herz Prize awarded by NAKS.
For more information, visit my personal website: https://olga-lenczewska.weebly.com/.