Paul Skokowski

Paul Skokowski’s research interests are in philosophy of mind, the nature of sensation, cognitive science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of neuroscience, and intersections of these fields. He is the Executive Director of the Center for the Explanation of Consciousness at CSLI. 

Paul is a Fellow in Philosophy at St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

Featured Books

CSLI Publications 2020

Featured Articles

Time, Experience and Belief, Timing and Time Perception, 2024. (in press) 

Swampman and Spacetime, Southwest Philosophical Studies, 45, 2023. (in press)

The Nature of Belief in No-Collapse Everett Interpretations, in Gao, S. (ed.), Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics, Oxford University Press, 2022.

The Philosophy of Westworld, in Vernallis, C., Kara, S., Leal, J., and Rogers, H. (eds.), Cybermedia: New Approaches to Sound, Music and Media, Bloomsbury, 2021. (in press)

Three Dogmas of Internalism, in Skokowski, P. (ed.), Information and Mind, Stanford, CA: CSLI Press, 2020.

Introspection and Superposition, in de Barros, J.A. and Montemayor, C. (eds.), Quanta and Mind, Springer, 2019.


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