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Royce Ryu

Royce Ryu





Los Angeles, CA



Philosophy areas of interest:

Ancient Philosophy, Political Philosophy and Ethics

Honors thesis:

Currently in conception

Why Philosophy?

I was originally planning to major in either Poli Sci or Economics, but found myself asking questions regarding the nature of human beings, social interaction, and all the disciplines that we study today to grasp a better sense of the world we live in.  I wanted to study and train myself in a way of thinking that could be used in all kinds of practices and one that could make me into a more informed and thoughtful person.  Perhaps more importantly, I wanted to major in something I was passionate about!

Favorite classes in the major?

  • Phil 100: Ancient Philosophy 

  • Phil 172: History of Modern Moral Philosophy

Life outside of the Philosophy Department?

Stanford Phil-Law-Sophy and Stanford Economics Association (SEA)