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Acting and Thinking Together book cover with tango couple

Professor Michael Bratman talks action and agency in an interview about his book: Shared Agency: A Planning Theory of Acting Together (2014).

Watch the full interview with Faculty Media here.

Also, see Professor Bratman's April 2015 lecture "Acting and Thinking Together" at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.


Other Lectures and Courses Online

"The Art of Living"

Click  here for a lecture from the 2011 course “The Art of Living” with Stanford philosophers Ken Taylor and R. Lanier Anderson.

Language, Proof, and Logic

Beginning in Fall 2014, students worldwide could begin their introduction to the world of logic through an online course led by Professor John Etchemendy (Dept. of Philosophy and Provost of Stanford University) and Dr. Dave Barker-Plummer (CSLI). 

This online initiative is part of the Openproof Project.  

The self-paced version of the course is available here.