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Nietzsche Society News and Events

2017 Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

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April 28 - 29, 2017 | Bishop’s University Sherbrooke, Quebec 

The Problem of Evil in Modern and Contemporary - European Philosophy

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2016 NANS Conference in NYC | Oct 15-16

NANS Conference NYC 2016

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Bernd Magnus Memorial Conference 2016

The UC, Riverside Philosophy Department presents the Bernd Magnus Memorial Conference, in honor of the internationally known Nietzsche scholar, former professor of philosophy at UCR, founding director of the Center for Ideas and Society, and co-founder of the North American Nietzsche Society. 


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February 12-13, 2016 | University of California, Riverside

The conference will focus on discussion of Nietzsche, as well as a broader look at some of Professor Magnus’s contributions to political and social thought.


David Magnus "The Concept of Brain Death: A perspectivist approach"

Andrew Light "A Progressive Path Though the Paris Climate Agreement"

Joshua Landy "Redemption, Palliation, and Endurance: Three Modes of Self-Narration"

Kathleen Higgins "Unfulfillable Ideals and Self-Consuming Concepts"

Alexander Nehamas "Nietzsche, Truth, and 'Falsification Thesis'"

*Free and open to the public

Schacht to Step Down as NANS Executive Director 

October 2015

In 2014, longtime NANS Executive Director Richard Schacht announced to the steering committee that the time had come for him to step down as NANS Executive Director, after some thirty years in the leadership of the society.  By prior arrangement, Schacht brought on R. Lanier Anderson (Stanford) as a co-Executive Director for the calendar year 2015, during which he agreed to stay on to oversee the handover of the society’s activities and business. Beginning in 2016, Anderson will take over as Executive Director, and Schacht will step back into a role on the society’s steering committee.

At the same time, new members have joined the steering committee to help NANS plot its future course.  The current membership of the committee includes Christa Acampora, R. Lanier Anderson (ex officio), Jessica Berry, James Conant, Lawrence Hatab, Paul Katsafanas, Alexander Nehamas, and Richard Schacht (ex officio).  The committee thanks Dick Schacht for his many years of indispensable leadership.

NANS is currently planning the first of what it envisions as biennial conferences devoted to the promotion of Nietzsche studies in North America, scheduled for New York on October 14-15, 2016.  There will be a business meeting at the conference to discuss the best way to organize governance for NANS going forward, now that we can no longer lean so heavily on Dick’s organizational talents and energy.  The ideas of the membership about future directions for NANS are welcomed both at the meeting, or by private communication to members of the steering committee.

A Tribute to Richard Schacht's Service

by  R. Lanier Anderson, October 2015

It has been my great pleasure to work closely with Richard Schacht on the program and steering committee of
NANS since 2004.  In my time working with the society, and indeed for years beforehand, I have been consistently impressed by Dick’s careful good judgment, his prodigious organizational and interpersonal skills, and his consistent, careful efforts to maintain NANS as a broad scholarly society capable of promoting the work of the
wide range of Nietzsche scholars working in North America.  We all owe Dick an immense debt of gratitude for his years of service to NANS; he has done more than anyone else to promote it and maintain it as an organization for
the support of outstanding scholarship in Nietzsche studies across the humanities in North America.  


No one person could possibly replace the central role Dick has played in cultivating the health of our society over
the last thirty years, so I call on all members of NANS to help me in thinking through the best ways for the society to promote work on Nietzsche in the future.  I hope to see many of you at the upcoming meeting in New York, and I
look forward to hearing from many more about how NANS can best promote Nietzsche studies in North America.