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North American Nietzsche Society Publications

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NIETZSCHEANA are occasional publications of the North American Nietzsche Society, produced in the central office of the Society at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the editorship and supervision of the Executive Director, and distributed as membership benefits to members of the society.

Nietzscheana 1:

    Nietzsche and Allan Bloom’s Nietzsche—A Symposium (1989)

    Papers by Werner Dannhauser, Maudemarie Clark, Richard Rorty, and Richard Schacht

Nietzscheana 2:

    Nietzsche Scholarship in English: A Bibliography (1968-1992)

Nietzscheana 3:

    A Supplement to Nietzsche Scholarship in English: A Bibliography (1968-1992)

Nietzscheana 4:

    Nietzsche’s Publication History as an Insight into the Philosopher and his Works by William Schaberg (1995)

Nietzscheana 5:

    Homer’s Contest by Nietzsche translation and introductory essay "Re/Introducing 'Homer's Contest'" by Christa Davis Acampora (1996)

Nietzscheana 6:

    How the “True Text” Finally Became a Fable: Nietzsche’s Weimar Literary Estate by Bernd Magnus (1997)

Nietzscheana 7:

    Nietzsches Bibliothek from the Vierzehnte Jahresgabe der Gesellschaft der Freunde des Nietzsche-Archivs (1942)

Nietzscheana 8:

    “On Teleology” or “Teleology Since Kant” by Friedrich Nietzsche: A Natural Science Dissertation Draft (1868)

     - Translated by Paul Swift

Nietzscheana 9:

    Nietzsche in a Nutshell: A Brief Rendering of His Philosophical Thinking by Richard Schacht

Nietzscheana 10:

    Nietzsche: A Guide to Selected Topics by Richard Schacht

Nietzscheana 11:

    Nietzsche Scholarship in English: A Bibliography (1993-2005)


*We  offer all NIETZSCHEANA to members as PDF files, upon request.  To request these publications, email NANS assistant Justin Remhof.