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Affiliated Academic Programs

Ancient Philosophy

The joint program in Ancient Philosophy is a program offered in collaboration with the Department of Classics. The program provides a foundation and training for students pursuing studies in the fields of philosophy and classics, producing scholars who are fully trained as either philosophers with a strong specialization in ancient languages and philology, or classicists with special strengths in philosophy.

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Ethics in Society

The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society is an interdisciplinary center committed to engaging the in-depth analysis and study of ethics along the backdrop of social problems, with and across Stanford’s wide-ranging academic programs. The Center offers an Undergraduate Honors and Minor program, which philosophy students may pursue to complement their degree and studies in philosophy.

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Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Stanford’s Program in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary curriculum investigating the interrelations of gender, sexuality and power, their interactions with other hierarchies such as class, race, ethnicity, ability, and age, and their significance in all areas of human life.

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History and Philosophy of Science

The Program in History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) at Stanford is an academic initiative by the Departments of History and Philosophy. This unique program teaches students to examine the sciences, medicine and technology from myriad perspectives, conceptual, historical and social, and offers a unique coursework as part of the Undergraduate major in Philosophy as well as a subplan designed for the Ph.D. Degree in Philosophy.  

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Law and Philosophy

The opportunities to open up new legal questions to philosophical inquiry, as well as shed new light on old questions, are virtually limitless. In many cases, this work requires thorough grounding in both legal institutions and philosophy—and Stanford's JD/PhD program in law and philosophy is designed to provide that foundation. In collaboration with the Stanford Law School, the JD/PhD program in philosophy provides a strong foundation in the legal and philosophical realms for graduate students aspiring professions in the legal, academic, policy and related fields.  

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Philosophy + Literature Initiative

Stanford’s Philosophy and Literature initiative promotes interdisciplinary work at the boundary of philosophy with literary and arts criticism.  This exciting initiative brings together colleagues from ten departments and programs across the humanities and arts.

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Philosophy and Religious Studies

The Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies offer a combined major for undergraduates wishing to pursue studies in core areas of both fields. This major ensures a foundational academic study in philosophical concepts and religious studies, and allows for the unique blending of these disciplines as well as of the  creation of distinctive approaches to academic study, such as the philosophy of religion or ritual studies.   

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Symbolic Systems

The Symbolic Systems program is the study of "the science of the mind." At the intersection with philosophy, it examines the relationship between humans and computers, incorporating the areas of computer science, psychology, and linguistics.  

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