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Hume Society

The Hume Society is the association of Stanford graduate students in the Department of Philosophy. It is primarily responsible for liaising between the graduate student body and the other members of the Department and coordinating among the graduate students themselves.


Additionally, the Hume Society provides professional development opportunities and support from graduate students for other graduate students, and coordinates the visit week for newly admitted students. Each year, officers of the Hume Society organize a number of events including the Department's graduate student workshop, the Berkeley/Stanford/Davis graduate student conference, and a number of other social gatherings. The capstone event is an annual lecture series wherein the invited speaker is chosen by the graduate students.


2021 - 2022:

Hume Society Co-Presidents: Hayden Kajercline, Julian Davis

Faculty-Student Representatives: Dan Friedman, Rupert Sparling

GSW Coordinator: Mikayla Kelley

Stanford MAP Chapter Representatives: César Valenzuela-Marquez, Lisa Benossi

BSD Conference Coordinator: Tom Ladendorf

Incoming Year Liaison: Elise Sugarman, Matthew McGuthry

Professional Development Officer: Miikka Jaarte

Admissions Committee Representative: Ashley Attwood

Fun Coordinator: Austen Friesacher

Mental Health Officer: Jacqueline Harding


Past Officers and Events:

2020 - 2021:

Hume Society Co-Presidents: Dan Friedman & Rupert Sparling

Faculty-Student Representatives: Elise Sugarman & Zach Hall

GSW Coordinator: Mikayla Kelley

Stanford MAP Chapter Representatives: César Valenzuela-Marquez & Sally Tilton

BSD Conference Coordinator: Austen Friesacher

Incoming Year Liaison: Lara Spencer

Professional Development Officer: Imran Thobani

Admissions Committee Representative: Miikka Jaarte

Fun Coordinator: Grant Dowling


Hume Society Co-Presidents: John Wilcox & Luke Pistol
BSD Grad Conference Coordinator:  Taylor Madigan

Fun Coordinator: Austen McDougal

GSW Coordinator: Imran Thobani

Faculty-Student Representatives: Ben Sparkes & Olga Lenczewska

Professional Development Officers: Adam Zweber &  Landon Hobbs

Stanford MAP Chapter Representatives: Patrick Hughes & Prach Panchakunathorn

Incoming Year Liaison: Lara Spencer



Presidents:  Thomas & Ben 

BSD Coordinators: Michael F & Taylor M

Faculty-Student Representatives: Dave & Austen

Professional Development Coordinators: Michael C & Landon

Fun Coordinator: Olga

GSW Coordinators: Adam Z & Declan

MAP Representative: Hannah & Nathan



Co-Presidents: Hannah Kim& Michael Cohen

Faculty Reps: Chris Lewis & Roy Lee

Professional Development Officers: Francesca Zaffora Blando & Silvia DeToffoli

MAP Coordinator: jonathan.jerome.lang [at] (JJ Lang)

GSW Coordinator: Dave Gottlieb

BSD Coordinator: ywang11 [at] (Yafeng Wang)

Fun Coordinator: Chris Mierzewski

Admit Coordinators: hyoungsung [at] (Hyoung Kim) & Landon Hobbs


2016-2017 Hume Society Speaker:

Sharon Street, NYU

21 April 2017

90-92Q | 3:15pm


2015-2016 Hume Society Speaker:

Peter Godfrey-Smith, CUNY

29 April 2016

90-92Q | 3:15pm


2014-2015 Hume Society Speaker:

Michael Thompson, Pittsburgh

17 April 2015

90-92Q | 3:15pm


2013-2014 Hume Society Speaker:

John McDowell