Job Placement

In the face of a very difficult job market, we put in intensive efforts to place our graduate students and are continually looking for ways to improve. The faculty consider nothing more important to our mission as scholars than undertaking these job placement efforts for our students, and seeing them obtain the positions they aspire to.

A Successful Future

The placement effort starts, of course, with providing one of the best philosophical educations possible. Our Ph.D. program is designed to provide both breadth and depth. Breadth is provided by the range of required courses our Ph.D. students are supposed to take during their first couple of years at Stanford.  Depth is provided by three years of intensive work on the dissertation starting with a dissertation development seminar in the summer after the second year that introduces students to the art of writing a dissertation and launches them on their projects, and including seminars throughout the dissertation stage in which students, with faculty support, present and supportively critique each others’ work.

Prior to going on the job market students have several occasions to practice presenting their ideas. Fourth-year students present their research to the department as a whole in the Fourth-Year Colloquium.  When students decide to go on the job market, we arrange at least one practice job talk to which the department as a whole is invited. Finally, we arrange practice interviews with groups of our faculty for students going on the job market.

The departmental Placement Committee is composed of faculty who are freed of other administrative obligations, which allows them to focus on the many details involved in students’ getting ready for, and succeeding in, a job search. In addition to pushing for our students on the job market, the Committee members (and other faculty, too) read the students’ application materials and provide detailed help, and assists faculty with making their letters of recommendation the most useful they can be.  The support from the Committee and other faculty continue through the acceptance of a job and beyond.

PhD Job Placement Data

Graduation Year Title Dissertation Title First Position Current Position
2024 Steven Woodworth Ethics without Moralism: An Essay on Agency, Reason, and Responsibility Lecturer, John Cabot University Lecturer, John Cabot University
2023 Cristina Ceballos Three Essays on Administrative Law, Artificial Intelligence, and Disparate Impact Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
2023 Landon Hobbs A Neglected Causal Principle of Aristotle Zephyr Institute Zephyr Institute
2023 Mikayla Kelley Control in Action University of Chicago (TT) University of Chicago (TT)
2023 Hyoung Sung Kim Kant and the Dynamics of Pure Thinking: Essays on Kant's Theoretical Philosophy COLLEGE Teaching Fellow, Stanford COLLEGE Teaching Fellow, Stanford
2023 Austen McDougal Motives as the Heart of Ethics and Agency Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
2023 Thomas Slabon An Outline of Outlines: Typological Arguments in Plato and Aristotle University of South Florida (TT) University of South Florida (TT)
2023 Ben Sparkes Foregone-conclusions Research Scientist working at ILASP in London
2023 Declan Thompson Algorithms and execution traces Lecturer, Symbolic Systems, Stanford Lecturer, Symbolic Systems, Stanford
2023 Adam Zweber The Natural/Non-natural Distinction in Metaethics UNC-Wilmington UNC-Wilmington
2022 John Wilcox Probabilistic reasoning, actual and ideal Founder of Alethic Innovations; adjunct professor of psychology at Columbia University Founder of Alethic Innovations; adjunct professor of psychology at Columbia University
2021 Michael Cohen Dynamic Introspection Stanford Dean's Fellow Tilburg University (Netherlands)
2021 Jonathan Ettel The Nature and Scope of Geometry in the Thought of Descartes and Newton
2021 Hannah H. Kim Generating and Grounding Fictional Truth Macalester College (TT) University of Arizona (TT)
2021 Olga Lenczewska Kant and Rawls on the Moral and Political Development of Persons University of North Carolina, Wilmington (TT) Florida State University (TT)
2021 W. Jared Parmer Making Meaning Postdoctoral Researcher at RWTH Aachen University Postdoctoral Researcher at RWTH Aachen University
2021 John Turman A Less Thoroughly Holistic Neobehaviorism Stanford (Thinking Matters Teaching Fellow) Stanford (Thinking Matters Teaching Fellow)
2020 Amos J. B. Espeland Plato's Philosophy of Law practicing law practicing law
2020 Nathan Hauthaler Practical Determination: Action, Capacity, Knowledge Lecturer in Philosophy at Duke Kunshan University Lecturer in Philosophy at Duke Kunshan University
2020 Roy Lee The Ethical Theory of Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics Stanford (COLLEGE Teaching Fellow) Creighton University
2020 Christopher Lewis Inequality and the Distribution of Punishment Harvard postdoc Harvard Law (TT)
2020 Krzysztof Mierzewski Acceptance and Approximation: Studies on Probabilistic Stability, Acceptance Rules on Atomless Spaces, and Algebraic Logics of Approximation Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University
2020 Sara Mrsny Justice and Work-Family Conflict Program Manager at the Clayman Institute Associate Director, COLLEGE (Stanford)
2020 Yafeng Wang Reconstructing Past Events: A Study of Engineering Failure Investigations Postdoctoral Scholar at Penn State University Postdoctoral Scholar at Penn State University
2020 Francesca Zaffora Blando Patterns and Probabilities: A Study in Algorithmic Randomness and Computable Learning Carnegie Mellon University (TT) Carnegie Mellon University (TT)
2019 Silvia De Toffoli EPISTEMIC ROLES OF MATHEMATICAL DIAGRAMS Princeton postdoc TT at Scuola Universitaria IUSS Pavia
2019 Meica Magnani Kantian Social Constructivism Harvard postdoc Northeastern University
2019 Adwait A. Parker Mathematical and Physical Space in Kantian Idealism Thinking Matters, Stanford postdoc Tsinghua University, Beijing (TT)
2019 Ryan Putzer The Introduction of Forms in Phaedo 74a-c
2018 Alisa Bierria Missing in Action: Agency, Race, & Recognition UC Berkeley (postdoc) UCLA, Gender Studies (TT)
2018 Nicholas DiBella The World Is (Almost Surely) a Strange Place Bilkent University (Turkey) Bilkent University (Turkey)
2018 Huw Duffy Inquiry into Politics: A Study of Plato's Politicus Stanford Thinking Matters (postdoc) Visiting Tutor at St. John’s College Annapolis
2018 Dustin King Flawed assumptions, robust evidence: On the role of theoretical presuppositions in grounding empirical evidence in science
2018 Grace Paterson Speaker Systems University of Vienna (postdoc) University of Vienna (postdoc)
2018 Paul Tulipana Kant's idea of a critique of practical reason UCLA (postdoc) UCLA (lecturer)
2017 Blake Francis Wrongful Harm by Emitting: Individual & Collective Agents in the Context of Climate Change (2017, Debra Satz) Princeton University (postdoc) University of Maryland, Baltimore County (TT)
2017 Peter Hawke The Problem of Epistemic Relevance (2017, Johan van Benthem) University of Amsterdam (postdoc) Lingnan University, Hong Kong (TT)
2017 Poong Shil Lee Mental Files and Shallow Pretense (2017, Mark Crimmins) Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea
2017 Katy Meadows Aristotle on Ontological Priority (2017, Alan Code) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (postdoc) Indiana University
2017 Shane Maclean Steinert-Threlkeld Communication and Computation: New Questions About Compositionality (2017, Johan van Benthem) University of Amsterdam (postdoc) University of Washington, Seattle TT
2017 Jessica Williams Kant and the Structure of the Given (2017, R. Lanier Anderson) University of South Florida University of South Florida
2016 Max Etchemendy No Power Alike: Legal Realism and Legal Reality (2016, Nadeem Hussain) post doc at Chicago Law School post doc at Chicago Law School
2016 Arezoo Islami On the Applicability of Mathematics in Physics: A Critical Review of Wigner's Puzzle (2016, Tom Ryckman) Stanford Thinking Matters Program San Francisco State
2016 Micah Lewin Recovering a Kantian Analytic/Synthetic Distinction through Incompatibility (2016, Ken Taylor) Georgia State University Perimeter College - Clarkston Georgia State University Perimeter College - Clarkston
2016 Carlos Núñez The Will and Normative Judgment (2016, Michael Bratman) University of Vienna (postdoc) postdoctoral scholar at the University of Bayreuth (Germany)
2016 Fernando Rudy Hiller Ignorance, capacitarian control, and responsibility (2016, Michael Bratman) postdoc at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Associate Researcher at the Institute of Philosophical Research of the National University of Mexico, in Mexico City
2015 Samuel Asarnow Practical Reasons, Practical Reasoning (2015, Michael Bratman) Macalester College Macalester College
2015 Kevin Nelson Objective Probability and the Art of Judgment (2015, Tom Ryckman)
2015 Govind Persad Moving Toward Fairness: Essays on the Normative Aspects of Socioeconomic Mobility (2015, Debra Satz) Junior Faculty Fellow in Ethics at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business University of Denver Sturm College of Law
2015 Grant Rozeboom Having the Right Attitude, (2015, Tamar Schapiro) Stanford University Saint Mary's College of California
2014 Alexei Angelides The Structure & Limits of Finitism (2014, Tom Ryckman) Stanford University, Educational Program for Gifted Youth Cal State University East Bay, Adjunct Philosophy Prof.
2014 Shawn Burns Representation and Realism in Descartes's Meditations (2014, Graciela de Pierris)
2014 Amanda R. Greene Legitimacy and Democracy: A Platonic Defense of Voluntary Rule (2014, Josh Cohen) University of Chicago Law School (postdoc) University College London
2014 RJ Leland Justifying Political Liberalism (2014, David Hills) Australian National University University of Manitoba
2014 Praveen Shanbhag Space, Mind, and Discursive Knowledge (2014, Michael Friedman) CEO Name Coach CEO Name Coach
2013 Rahul Chaudhri On Nietzsche's historical philosophy (2013, R. Lanier Anderson) Thinking Matters program at Stanford St. John's College, Annapolis
2013 Luis Cheng-Guajardo The Practical Demand of Means-End Rationality (2013, Tamar Schapiro) Santa Clara University Santa Clara University
2013 Marcello di Bello Statistics and Probability in Criminal Trial: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (2013, Krista Lawlor) Stanford University Arizona State University (TT)
2013 Tal Glezer (advisor: Michael Friedman) Berlin postdoc (only applied for postdocs) Berlin postdoc
2013 Karola Kreitmair Sticky Attunements: On the Relationship Between Organisms and Their Environments (2013, Ken Taylor) Thinking Matters Program, Stanford University Assistant Professor in Medical History and Bioethics and an Affiliate Professor in Philosophy at University of Wisconsin – Madison (TT)
2013 Alan McLuckie Kant's Moral Anthropology (2013, Allen Wood) University of Alberta, Postdoctoral Fellow
2013 Jeremy Meyers Locations, Bodies, and Sets (2013, Johan van Benthem) USMA West Point NAIS, president & CEO
2013 Sally Riordan The Making of the Kilogram, 1789-1799 (2013, Michael Friedman) History & Philosophy of Science, Cambridge History & Philosophy of Science, Cambridge
2013 David Taylor Essays on Indeterminacy (2013, Mark Crimmins) University of Minnesota University of Minnesota
2013 Han van Wietmarschen Reasonable Disagreement: Liberal Citizens and Epistemic Peers (2013, Michael Bratman) University College London University College London
2012 Will Beals The Importance of Dedication (2012, Michael Bratman) Stanford University Stanford Online High School
2012 Wes Holliday Knowing What Follows (2012, Johan van Benthem and Krista Lawlor, co-chairs) University of California at Berkeley University of California at Berkeley
2012 Tobey Scharding Individual Differences and Equal Citizenship: Two Reconciliations (2012, Joshua Cohen) High Point University Rutgers University
2012 Assaf Sharon The Rule of Law: A Philosophical Investigation of Law and Liberty (2012, Joshua Cohen) Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv University
2012 Donovan Wishon Russellian Acquaintance and Phenomenal Concepts (2012, John Perry) University of Mississippi University of Mississippi
2011 Daniel Elstein The Unlikeliness of Colossal Coincidence Justifies Induction (2011, John Perry) University of California at Berkeley, Lecturer
2011 Daniel Halliday Persons, Priority and Poverty: A Study of Welfarist Theories of Distribution (2011, Joshua Cohen) University of Melbourne (TT) University of Melbourne (TT)
2011 Peyton McElroy On Redemption: The Value of Putting Bad Things to Good Use (2011, R. Lanier Anderson) University of South Florida, Visiting Instructor Millsaps College
2011 Teru Miyake Underdetermination and Indirect Measurement (2011, Michael Friedman) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (TT) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (TT)
2011 Benjamin Wolfson Action and Knowledge (2011, Michael Bratman) University of California at Santa Barbara, Visiting Assistant Professor
2010 Dan Giberman Glop Theory: A New Trope Ontology (2010, John Perry) Stanford University (1-year visiting) University of Texas at Arlington (TT)
2010 Alistair Isaac Perception as Measurement (2010) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2-year McDonnell postdoc) University of Edinburgh (TT)
2010 Lael K. Weis Public Purpose Common Good: Constitutional Property in the Democratic State ( 2010, Debra Satz) University of Melbourne (3-year McKenzie postdoc) University of Melbourne, Lecturer (TT)
2010 Johanna Wolff Structural Realism, Quantum Field Theory, and the Fate of Naturalistic Metaphysics (2010) ACLS fellowship (1-year postdoc) University of Hong Kong (TT)
In Memoriam: J.T. Chipman