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Jesse Alama

Dissertation Title: Formal Proofs and Refutations

Atocha Aliseda

Dissertation Title: Seeking Explanations: Abduction in Logic, Philosophy of Science and Artificial Intelligence (1997, Johan van Benthem)
Facundo Alonso

Facundo M. Alonso

Dissertation Title: Shared Intention, Reliance, and Interpersonal Obligations: An Inquiry into the Metaphysics and Interpersonal Normativity of Shared Agency (2008, Michael Bratman)

Alexei Angelides

Dissertation Title: The Structure & Limits of Finitism (2014, Tom Ryckman)

Samuel Asarnow

Dissertation Title: Practical Reasons, Practical Reasoning (2015, Michael Bratman)

Will Beals

Dissertation Title: The Importance of Dedication (2012, Michael Bratman)

Sven Bernecker

Dissertation Title: Knowing One's Own Mind: Externalism and Privileged Self-Knowledge (1997, Fred Dretske)

Alisa Bierria

Michael Blake

Dissertation Title: Social Justice and State Borders (1998, Debra Satz)

Darren Bradley

Dissertation Title: Bayesianism and Self-Locating Beliefs or Tom Bayes meets John Perry (2007, Elliott Sober and Michael Friedman)

Shawn Burns

Dissertation Title: Representation and Realism in Descartes's Meditations (2014, Graciela de Pierris)

Chad Carmichael

Dissertation Title: Foundations of Metaphysics

Rahul Chaudhri

Dissertation Title: On Nietzsche's historical philosophy (2013, R. Lanier Anderson)

Luis Cheng-Guajardo

Dissertation Title: The Practical Demand of Means-End Rationality (2013, Tamar Schapiro)

Ryan Christensen

Dissertation Title: Minimal Truth (2008, Mark Crimmins)

Dan Corbett

Dissertation Title: Making Sense of Ourselves: How Beliefs Explain Behavior (2005, Ken Taylor)

Silvia De Toffoli

Marcello di Bello

Dissertation Title: Statistics and Probability in Criminal Trial: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (2013, Krista Lawlor)

Nicholas DiBella

Huw Duffy

James Dwyer

Dissertation Title: Religious Schooling in a Liberal Society: Parents' Rights, Community Rights, and Justice for Children (1995, Debra Satz)

Daniel Elstein

Dissertation Title: The Unlikeliness of Colossal Coincidence Justifies Induction (2011, John Perry)

Brian Epstein

Dissertation Title: Simple Words and Subtle Things: Social Kinds and the Making of Reference (2004, John Etchemendy)

Max Etchemendy

Dissertation Title: No Power Alike: Legal Realism and Legal Reality (2016, Nadeem Hussain)

Anthony Everett

Dissertation Title: Saying, Samesaying, and What is Said (2000, John Perry)

Patrick Forber

Dissertation Title: The Traces of Change: Evidence in Evolutionary Biology (2006, Elliott Sober)

Stefano Franchi

Dissertation Title: Endgames: Game and Play at the End of Philosophy (1997, John Perry)

Blake Francis

Dissertation Title: Wrongful Harm by Emitting: Individual & Collective Agents in the Context of Climate Change (2017, Debra Satz)

Stacie Friend

Dissertation Title: Fiction: From Reference to Interpretation

Dan Giberman

Dissertation Title: Glop Theory: A New Trope Ontology (2010, John Perry)

Patrick Girard

Dissertation Title: Modal Logic for Belief and Preference Change (2008, Johan van Benthem)

Tal Glezer

Dissertation Title: (advisor: Michael Friedman)

Peter Graham

Dissertation Title: Testimony: The Epistemology of Linguistic Acceptance (2000, Fred Dretske)

Mark Greaves

Dissertation Title: The Philosophical Status of Diagrams
Amanda Greene, photo by L. Cicero

Amanda R. Greene

Dissertation Title: Legitimacy and Democracy: A Platonic Defense of Voluntary Rule (2014, Josh Cohen)

Ludmilla Guenova

Dissertation Title: Kant's Idea of a System of Nature (2008, Michael Friedman)

Daniel Halliday

Dissertation Title: Persons, Priority and Poverty: A Study of Welfarist Theories of Distribution (2011, Joshua Cohen)

Randall Harp

Dissertation Title: Collective Goals, Collective Reasoning, Collective Action (2009, Michael Bratman)

Lauren Hartzell

Dissertation Title: A Precautionary Framework for Climate Change Policy (2009, Debra Satz)

Peter Hawke

Dissertation Title: The Problem of Epistemic Relevance (2017, Johan van Benthem)

Wes Holliday

Dissertation Title: Knowing What Follows (2012, Johan van Benthem and Krista Lawlor, co-chairs)

Tomohiro Hoshi

Dissertation Title: Epistemic Dynamics and Protocol Information (2009, Johan van Benthem)

Eric L. Hutton

Dissertation Title: Virtue and Reason in Xunzi (2001, Philip J. Ivanhoe)

Thomas Icard

Dissertation Title: The Algorithmic Mind: A Study of Inference in Action (2014, Johan van Benthem)

Alistair Isaac

Dissertation Title: Perception as Measurement (2010)

Arezoo Islami

Dissertation Title: On the Applicability of Mathematics in Physics: A Critical Review of Wigner's Puzzle (2016, Tom Ryckman)

Robert C. Jones

Dissertation Title: The Moral Significance of Animal Cognition (2005, Peter Godfrey-Smith)

Jonathan Kaplan

Dissertation Title: Networks of Support: Politics and Genes in Contemporary Society (1996, John Dupré)

Dustin King

Karola Kreitmair

Dissertation Title: Sticky Attunements: On the Relationship Between Organisms and Their Environments (2013, Ken Taylor)

Poong Shil Lee

Dissertation Title: Mental Files and Shallow Pretense (2017, Mark Crimmins)

RJ Leland

Dissertation Title: Justifying Political Liberalism (2014, David Hills)

Lawrence Adam Lengbeyer (Lawrence Beyer)

Dissertation Title: The Disintegration of Belief (2000, Michael Bratman)

Micah Lewin

Dissertation Title: Recovering a Kantian Analytic/Synthetic Distinction through Incompatibility (2016, Ken Taylor)

Meica Magnani

Laura Maguire

Dissertation Title: Inferentialism with an Attitude: An Expressivist Theory of Objectivity (2006, Ken Taylor)

Simon Cabulea May

Dissertation Title: The Significance of Moral Disagreement (2004, Debra Satz)

Peyton McElroy

Dissertation Title: On Redemption: The Value of Putting Bad Things to Good Use (2011, R. Lanier Anderson)

Alan McLuckie

Dissertation Title: Kant's Moral Anthropology (2013, Allen Wood)

Katy Meadows

Dissertation Title: Aristotle on Ontological Priority (2017, Alan Code)

Jeremy Meyers

Dissertation Title: Locations, Bodies, and Sets (2013, Johan van Benthem)

Teru Miyake

Dissertation Title: Underdetermination and Indirect Measurement (2011, Michael Friedman)

Jennifer M. Morton

Dissertation Title: Practical Reasoning and the Varieties of Agency (Michael Bratman)

Sara Mrsny

Kevin Nelson

Dissertation Title: Objective Probability and the Art of Judgment (2015, Tom Ryckman)

Carlos Núñez

Dissertation Title: The Will and Normative Judgment (2016, Michael Bratman)
Photo of Adwait Parker

Adwait A. Parker

Grace Paterson

Sarah Paul

Dissertation Title: How We Know What We're Doing: An Inferential Explanation of Agential Knowledge Without Observation (2009, Michael Bratman)

Govind Persad

Dissertation Title: Moving Toward Fairness: Essays on the Normative Aspects of Socioeconomic Mobility (2015, Debra Satz)

Angela Potochnik

Dissertation Title: Evolution, Explanation and Unity of Science (2007, Elliot Sober and Michael Friedman)

Ryan Putzer

Ken Reisman

Dissertation Title: Conceptual Foundations of Cultural Evolution (2005, Peter Godfrey-Smith)

Sally Riordan

Dissertation Title: The Making of the Kilogram, 1789-1799 (2013, Michael Friedman)

Grant Rozeboom

Dissertation Title: Having the Right Attitude, (2015, Tamar Schapiro)

Fernando Rudy Hiller

Dissertation Title: Ignorance, capacitarian control, and responsibility (2016, Michael Bratman)

Darko Sarenac

Dissertation Title: Products of Topological Modal Logics (2006, Johan van Benthem)

Amol R. Sarva

Dissertation Title: The Concept of Modularity in Cognitive Science (2003, Mark Crimmins)

Tobey Scharding

Dissertation Title: Individual Differences and Equal Citizenship: Two Reconciliations (2012, Joshua Cohen)

Laurel Scotland-Stewart

Dissertation Title: Social Invisibility as Social Breakdown: Insights from a Phenomenology of Self, World, and Other (2007, R. Lanier Anderson)

Patrick Scotto di Luzio

Dissertation Title: Forms of Logic: Discourse, Diagrams, and Proof (2003, John Etchemendy)

Praveen Shanbhag

Dissertation Title: Space, Mind, and Discursive Knowledge (2014, Michael Friedman)

Assaf Sharon

Dissertation Title: The Rule of Law: A Philosophical Investigation of Law and Liberty (2012, Joshua Cohen)

Yonatan Shemmer

Dissertation Title: Desiring at Will: Reasons, Motivation and Motivational Change (2002, Michael Bratman)

Quayshawn Spencer

Dissertation Title: Is Cladistic Race a Genuine Kind? (2009, Michael Friedman)

Shane Maclean Steinert-Threlkeld

Dissertation Title: Communication and Computation: New Questions About Compositionality (2017, Johan van Benthem)

Janet D. Stemwedel

Dissertation Title: Underlying Stories: The Structure of Causal Talk in Chemistry and in Everyday Life (2001, Peter Godfrey-Smith)
Isidora Stojanovic

Isidora Stojanovic

Dissertation Title: What Is Said. An Inquiry Into Reference, Meaning, and Content (2007, John Perry)

David Taylor

Dissertation Title: Essays on Indeterminacy (2013, Mark Crimmins)

Paul Tulipana

Neil Van Leeuwen

Dissertation Title: Self-Deception and the Metaphysics of Belief (2007, Ken Taylor)

Han van Wietmarschen

Dissertation Title: Reasonable Disagreement: Liberal Citizens and Epistemic Peers (2013, Michael Bratman)

Manuel Vargas

Dissertation Title: Even Better than the Real Thing: Revisionism and Responsibility (2001, Michael Bratman)

Lael K. Weis

Dissertation Title: Public Purpose Common Good: Constitutional Property in the Democratic State ( 2010, Debra Satz)

Michael Weisberg

Dissertation Title: When Less is More: Tradeoffs and Idealization in Model-Building (2003, Peter Godfrey-Smith)

Jessica Williams

Dissertation Title: Kant and the Structure of the Given (2017, R. Lanier Anderson)

Donovan Wishon

Dissertation Title: Russellian Acquaintance and Phenomenal Concepts (2012, John Perry)

Johanna Wolff

Dissertation Title: Structural Realism, Quantum Field Theory, and the Fate of Naturalistic Metaphysics (2010)

Benjamin Wolfson

Dissertation Title: Action and Knowledge (2011, Michael Bratman)

Audrey Yap

Dissertation Title: Mathematical Practice and the Philosophy of Mathematics (2006, Michael Friedman & Sol Feferman)