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Apr 25 2012 | Posted In: Books & Publications, Students, Alumni
The April 2012 issue of the Philosophical Review journal (Volume 121, Number 2) has been released and features papers written by three Stanford Philosophy Ph.D. alumni (Darren Bradley, Nomy Arpaly and Timothy Schroeder) as well as by a current Stanford Philosophy Ph.D. student, Wesley Holliday.
Apr 6 2012 | Posted In: Books & Publications, Faculty
Johan van Benthem's new book "Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction" has been published by Cambridge University Press. This book develops a new view of logic as a theory of information-driven agency and intelligent interaction between many agents - with conversation, argumentation and...
Jan 17 2012 | Posted In: Books & Publications, Faculty
Professor Chris Bobonich's book, "Plato's Laws: A Critical Guide", published by Cambridge University Press in November 2010, has been reviewed in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR) by Diego De Brasi (Philipps-Universität Marburg). The BMCR is an open access journal, and also the second oldest...
Oct 24 2011 | Posted In: Books & Publications, Faculty
Professor Debra Satz's book, "Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale: The Moral Limits of Markets", published in 2010 by Oxford University Press was recently reviewed in two well-known philosophy journals.
Jun 17 2011 | Posted In: Books & Publications, Faculty
The book dedicated to Professor Michael Friedman titled, Discourse on a New Method: Reinvigorating the Marriage of History and Philosophy of Science (Open Court, 2010) has just been reviewed by Lydia Patton of Virginia Tech in the online journal "Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews".


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