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Blake Francis
Mar 1 2017 | Posted In: In the Press, Students
Stanford doctoral candidate Blake Francis hopes to create a framework that governments could use to evaluate their climate change policies and consider when it’s morally justified for them to emit greenhouse gases. BY ALEX SHASHKEVICH Lawmakers around the world struggle to create policies that...
Debra Satz
Jan 25 2017 | Stanford Report | Posted In: In the Press, Faculty
BY KATHLEEN J. SULLIVAN   Debra Satz, a professor of philosophy, senior associate dean for the humanities and arts, and chair of the 2016-17 Faculty Senate, has long been a champion of the humanities, equity issues and faculty governance on the Farm.   In the beginning, Stanford philosophy...
Aug 4 2016 | Stanford University | Posted In: In Memoriam
R. Lanier Anderson Solomon Feferman Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy, Em. Patrick Suppes Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Em. With great sadness, the Philosophy Department notes the passing of our friend and colleague, Solomon Feferman, who died on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at his...
firestone and golden medals
Jul 15 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Awards, Students, Alumni
Stanford seniors’ thesis projects garner university medals The projects conducted by the winners of the 2016 Firestone and Golden medals and the Kennedy Prize represent the breadth of the undergraduate experience at Stanford. They included research on germ cell, federal farm animal policy, the...
Jun 30 2016 | Posted In: In the Press
Earlier this month, Professor Michael Bratman gave the Samuel von Pufendorf Lectures at Lund University in Sweden.     The series The Rational Dynamics of Planning Agency can be found below:          June 7     "Plan Rationality and the Strategy of Self-Governance " 


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