Michael Friedman

Suppes Professor of Philosophy of Science and Professor, by courtesy, of German Studies
Michael  Friedman

My interests include: Kant, Philosophy of Science, History of Twentieth Century Philosophy, including the interaction between philosophy and the exact sciences from Kant through the logical empiricists, prospects for post-Kuhnian philosophy of science in light of these developments, and the relationship between analytic and continental traditions in the early twentieth century.


Featured Articles

"From Intuition to Tolerance" C. Posy and O. Rechter (eds.) The Development of Carnap’s Philosophy of Mathematics Kant’s Philosophy of Mathematics, Vol. II: Reception and Influence After Kant CUP. 2016


"Space and Geometry in the B Deduction" C. Posy and O. Rechter (eds.) Kant’s Philosophy of Mathematics, Vol. I: The Critical Philosophy and its Background CUP. 2016


"Space in Kantian Idealism" A. Janiak (ed.) Space: A History OUP . 2015


"Laws of Nature and Causal Necessity" Kant-Studien 105 (531-553) De Gruyter 2014


"Analytic and Continental Traditions" Co-authored with Michael Friedman, Alan D. Schrift (ed) Frege, Husserl, Carnap and Heidegger The History of Continental Philosophy 3 UChicago Press. 2011


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