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Thomas Ryckman

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Thomas Ryckman




Recent Talks:

“A Retrospective Look at 'Determinism and Indeterminism in Modern Physics'” at a special session of the North American Neo-Kantian Society on “The Mathematical Sciences of Nature in Neo-Kantian Philosophy”, APA Pacific Division, Vancouver, BC; April 3, 2015.

"A Critical Look at Inflationary Cosmology", 2015 Alberto Coffa lecture in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington; April 10, 2015.

Workshop “Weyl and the Problem of Space” in Konstanz, Germany, sponsored by the Collège International de Philosophy, the University of Konstanz, and the Zukunftskolleg; May 27, 2015.

"Antinomies of Eternal Inflation", at conference "Quantum Antinomies and Reality", sponsored by the Collège de Physique et de Philosophie, Fondation des Treilles, Tourtour, France; June 5, 2015.

“Weyling Away the Multiverse” at the Workshop “Hermann Weyl and the philosophy of the ‘new physics’ at University Paris Diderot, sponsored by the European Research Council Project Philosophy of Canonical Quantum Gravity; December 10, 2014.


Thomas Ryckman
Thomas Ryckman
with Zellig Harris and Michael Godfried
Boston Studies in Philosophy of Science 1987

Featured Articles

Co-authored with Michael Friedman, Alan D. Schrift (ed)
The History of Continental Philosophy 3
UChicago Press 2011
Co-authored with Katherine Brading
Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 39