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Logic Lovers

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This group's purpose is to gather people interested in logic to learn from each other by having talks and reading groups and hosting events. 

We often attend a weekly Research Seminar in Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, which cycles between consisting of research talks from local and visiting researchers and reading groups.  Other times, we also do independent reading groups.  Some example books are: Axiomatic Theories of Truth (V Halbach), Topoi: the Categorial Analysis of Logic (R Goldblatt), Logic as Algebra (Halmos and Givant).

We also organize and host at least one major conference each year, usually under the name CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Intelligent Interaction.  These provide a fantastic opportunity to hear exciting talks and meet lots of people from across disciplines and universities working in logic and neighboring areas.

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For more information, contact: philosophy [at] (philosophy[at]stanford[dot]edu)

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